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diagnoses murders
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Welcome to MartelNet Forums

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Welcome to MartelNet Forums, where you can have the most random discussions on the internet!

MartelNet Forums is split into two sections - MartelNet for matters relating to MartelNet surprisingly, and random for anything else, please try and post in the right forums! If you feel at any time there needs to be a new forum for a certain area of discussion please tell me!

As with all forums please remember to be good - that means no spamming (advertising), flooding (posting lots of pointless messages), flaming (er, basically being unecessarily rude or argumentative) and be nice!

Incase any people decide not to go along with the rules at some point I will be appointing at least one extra moderator who can look after the forums. Moderators must be sensible and fair and able to access the forums regularly, if you are interested let me know.

Finally I had to re-setup this forum at it's new home and so anyone who has registered will need to do so again.

Have Fun

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